Social Media Marketing for Successful Realtors

As Featured On EzineArticlesThe world of marketing for real estate is ever growing and changing. Think of your marketing landscape as one big pie. Twenty years ago your marketing pie was cut into maybe four big pieces. Yellow Pages, door hangers, referrals and maybe a website? Today the marketing pie is cut into innumerable pieces and if you don’t have a website yet, then you are behind the game. But a website today could prove to be less important than having a social media presence. With all great change comes great opportunity. The opportunity for you as a successful real estate agent is to take advantage of what social media marketing can offer you to stay ahead of the competition!

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Social Media Marketing and Facebook for Real Estate Agents

Facebook for Real Estate
If you are a real estate agent and you have made it to this web page, then it will not surprise you to know that a growing trend for realtors is utilizing social media and Facebook to reach and connect with new customers. The growing cost to benefit ratio for keeping your website at the top of search engine results is causing many real estate agents to branch out their advertising spend to find new business. Facebook marketing is one of the best ways for real estate agents to stay ahead of the curve.

90% of real estate agents now have a social media presence, Facebook and Twitter being the top two. You may be one of those ninety percent. Are you getting the most out of your Facebook page? Are you becoming frustrated to see that all of the time you are spending on your Facebook account is not bringing in the new business you had hoped for? Are you wondering what you are doing wrong? Here are some points that may help:

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What is Twitter and how can it help me market my Real Estate business?

Twitter for Real EstateSuccessful Real Estate Agents who are staying ahead of the game are using Twitter to help them market their brand, bring in new clients and show themselves off as an expert in their field.

First of all, you may be asking, what is Twitter?

Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”. (

Twitter is defined slightly differently than the other most used social media platforms such as, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Google+. Twitter falls into the microblogging category because of the shorter messages it distributes, known as “tweets”. Every tweet you post will arrive in your followers “news feed” and it is easy to track, search and follow conversations by using #hashtags.

It’s important to note that Google and Bing use Twitter links in their ranking, which makes Twitter a great resource for directing traffic to your blogs, articles or property listings.

Most importantly Twitter and Social Media Marketing is a great way to help you nurture personal relationships, build trust and ultimately lead you to new business, new listings and more sales.

So why use Twitter as opposed to other social media platforms or even just picking up the phone or writing an email?

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Why should I use Google+ to Market my Real Estate business?

As a real estate agent you may be thinking – not another social media platform! Why should I pay attention to Google+ when I have Twitter and Facebook and only 24 hours in a day? Yes, we agree there are many social media networks to choose from and how can yet another one be worthy of your attention? Google+ did join the scene after Facebook and Twitter but already has a whopping 343 million active users. If the amount of active users doesen’t get your attention, then one thing should – it’s Google! You know, Google, from the worlds most widely used search engine, Google maps, images and Google news. Not to mention they own YouTube now. Seriously though, it’s Google, do I really need to go on?

What does Google+ do?

Google+ is like a longer version of Twitter with more functionality than Facebook and you can check-in with Google+ the same way as Foursquare and it has more users than LinkedIn, oh and they do video calls like Skype as well. As mentioned above – it’s Google. The reason I keep repeating that is because with Google come’s all the Google SEO glory and having the Google+ social experience built right into all of Google’s products. This means when your potential buyer is on Google’s website their Google+ account is automatically signed in, making their online social media experience merged with the familiarity of Google’s branding and interface. I’m sure if Google had their way we would rename the internet to simply – Google. The social media world hasen’t fully adopted Google+ yet, but i’m sure they will soon. Yesterday was a great time to get on board.

Google+ benefits real estate with social media functionality that stands out

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Using LinkedIn for Marketing my Real Estate firm

LinkedIn for Realtors
LinkedIn is well known as the business network of social media platforms. Formally LinkedIn was used as a place for people to post their CV and Resume and network their skills and expertise to potential employers or clients. LinkedIn has since grown it’s social media presence to include company pages people can follow and includes professional groups and industry standards. Most importantly, now, LinkedIn is becoming the ‘go to’ online network for real estate referrals. LinkedIn has become a powerful tool for real estate agents to get recommended and referred by business associates and past clients.

Most consumers will tell you that they will use or recommend the real estate agent they used on their previous home sale. The number one reason a consumer does not use the same real estate agent again, is because that agent failed to stay in touch. The days of sending a Christmas card once a year to your past clients is over. (Not to mention, not very cost effective). is one of the quickest most effective ways to nurture and expand your referral database. As the LinkedIn motto goes “Relationships Matter”, and in the world of real estate this couldn’t be more true. There are 187 million professional LinkedIn members across 200 countries and how this changes the way real estate agents do business cannot be ignored.

Here are a few short tips to help you get started on LinkedIn:
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How can Foursquare help me market my Real Estate business?

Foursquare for Realtors
If you’re a real estate professional reading this article, you may have already come to the conclusion that social media marketing should be an important part of your business. Foursquare is a free application mainly used by people on their smart phones while they are out on the town. If you are interested in finding a new way to get an edge on your competition with your social media marketing campaign, then taking advantage of what Foursquare offers is one way you can do just that!

So what is Foursquare?

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